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Planning to Hire a Luxury Car Rental? Read This First!


Car rental companies these days are extremely easy to find however, if you want a luxury car rental, you will need to do a thorough research. When selecting a car rental company for your holidays, here are a few things to check for before you finalize on the car rental company –


Compare Prices

 Take your time to do your research on all the car rental companies so that you get a company on board whose prices for per day rentals or even hourly rentals match your budgets. There are tons of companies that have seasonal discounts as well as student discounts that can help you get a sweeter deal on your car rental.


Chauffeur Services

 Are you planning to get a chauffeur to drive you around instead of driving the vehicle yourself? You will need to check for the chauffeur services offered by the company and also check if these services come at additional payments.


Usually, luxury cars comes with chauffeur prices covered in their costs which makes it easier for you to get a final price. However, a lot of companies don’t mention this upfront as this can cause a lot of issues with the customers not purchasing their services.


Insurance Cover 

 Try getting a vehicle rental company that has a good insurance cover for the car, driver and the passengers. Nothing is nothing scarier than being driven in a car that isn’t back by insurance. Be it a fatal car accident or even an incident where theft or vandalism has occurred, this needs to be covered by insurance.


Reputed companies like Dubai Exotic Limo that have limo hire for weddings receptions and other functions usually have an excellent insurance cover. This helps the customer travel stress-free without having to worry about financial cover in case of any unfortunate incident revolving around the car.


Age Of The Car 

 You don’t want to get a hummer service Dubai that is an extremely old car as the older cars usually have a lot of issues with the engine or the spare parts. Try investing your money into any limousine rental where the vehicle is not more than 4-5 years old. This also means that the cars need to be serviced regularly to maintain the top condition of these cars.


Hidden Costs

 There are a lot of hidden costs that the salespersons never mention upfront which usually include the convenience fees, processing fees, extra insurance cover, taxes, etc. Be sure to take the entire cost inclusive of all of these charges into consideration for your limo service for birthday in Dubai or for your holidays. This way, you don’t get end up being shocked when you receive the final processed bill for your purchase.


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